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Jena Mae Financial is a premier provider of student tuition financing. Jena Mae currently services thousands of student portfolios throughout the United States. Each student account portfolio has been customized to accommodate the special needs and desires of each school. Why would you compromise your needs, or accept less than the highest return from your student financing portfolio, when one phone call will insure that your student tuition financing returns are the highest in the student financing industry?

Jena Mae charges no set-up fees, no monthly fees and no per-account fees... we get paid only when you get paid. Isn't that the way it should be? We provide professional servicing and the technology necessary to put you in control of every aspect of your student receivable portfolio. Select, alter or customize contract terms and payment amount and get expert advice on how to increase monthly income from your financed tuition portfolios. Jena Mae staff is there with you every step of the way to insure you receive the highest return possible from your billed tuition portfolio.

Replace empty seats with paying students!

Why let empty seats rob you of the profits you work so hard to earn? In most cases you will increase Revenue without increasing costs… Dollars straight to the bottom line!

All students are accepted by Jena Mae for financing – No student is denied – Ever!

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